About Us

In 2015 Executive Health Group won the tender to privately operate “Penola Doctors” (previously known as the Penola Medical Centre operated by Country Health SA). Since May 2015 we have been providing 7 day a week care, including after-hours care to the local community. We operate in Penola and Nangwarry and our doctors provide on-call services to the Penola War Memorial Hospital and do daily visits to the aged-care facility in Pinchunga and the Jarvis wing of the hospital.

Some of our doctors physically and permanently live in Penola and we also employ visiting doctors to provide after-hour services to the community and provide on-call relief services. We are committed to ensuring the community has access to healthcare services, in particular to triage appropriately to ensure urgent medical conditions are seen to as soon as possible. We also recognise the importance of prioritising children’s care to help support the families in the community and respectfully caring for our elderly population. Our weekly clinic in Nangwarry focuses on providing care for the local community, in particular those with difficulties travelling to Penola or Mount Gambier.

We are committed to the community, also operating a 24/7 fitness operation, sponsoring the Penola Arts Festival and contributing as best we can to other community services, charities, support local businesses, events and groups.